On behalf of traders, bankruptcy trustees or authorities PS Auction conveys liquidations and bankruptcies to potential buyers. This means that the trader can improve his liquidity at the same time as the item can be useful to someone else. PS is one of the few players who can handle the entire process - from valuation to collection. We have a number of district offices and business partners around Sweden, which means that PS’s work is nationwide. Through our regular online auctions (every Thursday) we convey items to our clientele that consists of approximately 50 000 people around Sweden and Europe.

Our focus: bankruptcy estates and industrial objects

Online auctions include objects primarily from wood-, metal- and engineering industries but we also sell items from, for example, farming, offices, electronics, caterers and restaurants as well as construction machines and other vehicles. We believe that everything has a value. We at PS Auction are happy to tell you about what's happening via our portal on Mynewsdesk or LinkedIn. Especially when our online auctions include exciting and unique items or bankruptcies that create public interest.

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