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Roger Henriksson

Rotopaktor Ore Sizer om80 -2016

  • 442566
  • 43892 Härryda
  • Sweden
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Rotopactor Ore Sizer about 80 - 2016

Only 40 hours of trial run and picked up.

with associated power in container see pictures etc.

5 ports

Bought in Sweden

Ore Sizer VSI Crusher

Ore Sizer only supplies VSI crushers and with unique design on the rotors, we stand for higher productivity, better grain shape and lower wear costs. The rotors are available from 3 to 8 ports and we can always customize a rotor for your particular application

Ore Sizer VSI crushers are available in sizes from 30 t / h up to 600 t / h. Unique rotor design in performance from 3 to 8 ports depending on capacity and application. All material passes through the crush chamber for better crushing effect. The rotor is balanced and does not need to be balanced in case of wear and tear change. The wear parts are in a cassette system and do not need to be screwed or welded, which makes the shutdown time very short. The rotors also fit in competing machines.

Basically, the new rotor has been a very short time.

See document for more info.


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43892 Landvetter, Sweden

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