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Ronny Henriksson

OPEL ASTRA ENJOY 1.6 - 2008 (OLU 129)

  • 481895
  • 46240 Vänersborg
  • Sweden
Info Exhibition Delivery Finance Auction type
Registration number OLU 129
Year of manufacture 2008
Meter indication (km) 171 096
Gearbox Manual
Fuel Gasoline
Number of keys 2 st
Maintenance servad enligt servicebok
Road worthiness test 2017-11-09
Inspection period Besiktigas senast 2019-01-31


Careless car, normal wear and tear, serviced according to service book, inspected, DITEC treated and clean generally well cared for by its owner.

Measurement: 171 096 (approx: 17200 mil)

Color Gray / Silver

Removable move.

Good SoV tire.


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    PLEASE NOTE! Any pallet and pallet accessories seen in the picture are not included unless otherwise stated in the description.

Svetsaregatan 5 46256 Vänersborg, Sweden

Display by agreement with the handler R. Henriksson 070-58 48 067

Wednesday 8 January 2020 13:00 UTC - 15:00 UTC

46256 Vänersborg, Sweden

The extradition is on Wednesday, January 8, between 11.00 and 17.00. 14.00-16.00 if possible. For questions, please contact Ronny Henriksson, Attorney at +46 70 58 48 067.

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    PLEASE NOTE! Any pallet and pallet accessories seen in the picture are not included unless otherwise stated in the description.

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