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Philip Nilsson

Solar panel for water 150L

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  • 60210 Norrköping
  • Sweden
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Solar water heater 150L for hot water

The solar collector requires no current but works if there is access to solar and water.

The collector's vaccum tube has a thin coating that captures the sun's rays.

Thanks to the fact that hot and cold water has different densities, you get an automatic circulation, where the hot water is moved upwards and the cold water moves downwards. This automatic circulation thus warms up the water in the tank.

On top of the big tank is a small tank of 5L that helps keep the water level in the large water tank constant, which in turn makes it even at an even temperature.

Heat efficiency under strong sun (800W / m2) gives 2.45 kwh / m2.

The temperature in the tank can rise 8 degrees / hour up to 95 degrees and keeps the heat for about 72 hours.

This solar collector is made for use in summer and when the air temperature is plus degrees.

The solar collector should be emptied during the winter

Tank 150l

Drawbench Silver steel 0.4 mm

Inner tank 304-2B 0.5mm

Vaccum tubes: 15th

Height: 1800mm

Tubing diameter: 58mm Cu-SS / Al

Pressure: 0.05MPa

Included 5l auxiliary tank

Stump: Galvanized steel 1mm

Angle: 45 °

Area: 1.92m2


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Kabelvägen 19F 60210 Norrköping, Sweden


Kabelvägen 19F 60210 Norrköping, Sweden



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