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Mathias Darefelt

Riding mower Stiga Park 120 Incl. Cutting deck, Display / Demoex

  • 582355
  • 51250 Svenljunga
  • Sweden
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Condition of item Good

Park 120 is a smooth model with really good accessibility thanks to rear wheel drive and waist control. An affordable choice for the smaller garden and for year-round use. Cut grass in summer, brush grass and gravel in spring and autumn, and clear snow in winter. You maneuver smoothly and with good overview, both uphill slopes and around trees and shrubs. Equipped with a Stigamotor and supplemented with an 85 cm cutting unit with Multiclip function for perfect cutting results.


  • Fuel type: Gasoline
  • Number of cylinders: 1
  • Engine speed (rpm): 3200 rpm
  • Cooling system engine: Air cooled
  • Tank volume: 4.3 L
  • Engine manufacturer: Stiga
  • Multiclip: Yes

Cutting System

  • Unit lift: Manual
  • Cutting height setting: Manual


  • Transmission: Hydrostat
  • Transmission: Pedal
  • Drive system: Rear wheel drive
  • Speed (forward): 9 km / h


  • Control system: Waist control
  • Steering wheel: Steering wheel
  • Type of seat: Standard
  • Seat setting: Lock knob
  • Adjustable seat suspension: No
  • Dashboard: No
  • Hour meter: No
  • Headlights: No
  • Cruise control: No
  • PTO connection : Electromagnetic coupling
  • Hook kit: Included
  • Series: Consumer
  • Switching : Stepless

Sound and vibration

  • Max. vibration in the steering wheel: <2.5 m / s
  • Max. vibration in the seat: <0.9 m / s
  • Measured sound level: 99 dB (A)
  • Guaranteed noise level: 100 dB (A)

The machine is a display / demoex. It is sold without original packaging.

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