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Knaus BMR 600 Sport T1 -2007

  • 597941
  • 44373 Gråbo
  • Sweden
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Make ​​​​​​​Renault
Model BMR 600 Sport T1
Registration number BMR767
Year of manufacture 2007
Meter indication (km) 8200 mil
Fuel Diesel
Maintenance enligt intervall
Road worthiness test Nybeisktad UA april 2019
Heating Electric
Tyres Summer tires, Friction tires
Condition of tires Good
Condition of winter tire Good
Condition of item Good

Knaus BMR 600 Sport T1 -2007

A multicolor motorhome of the 2007 model model that is canceled. The gearbox is manual and the engine is at 120hp and is powered by diesel

Knaus BMR 600 Sport T1

An almost gas-free motorhome, Renault Knaus BMR767 Sport T1 with equipment far beyond the ordinary. The car has a fantastic heating system that you often see in luxury yachts which adjusts it for winter camping down to -25 degrees with comfort heat. It also has a large garage and tasteful color scheme. This is simply the perfect winter car.

This unique heating system has, among other things, been rewritten in the magazine Husbilen


  • Large garage
  • Almost no gas
  • MPC comfort heating system for winter camping
  • Down to -25 degrees with comfort heat
  • Photovoltaics
  • diesel heater
  • Replaced timing belt
  • Tasteful interior


MPC comfort heating system with remote start, waterborne-floor heating, towel dryer, convectors, aerobic press, defroster, water heater. Eberspächer Diesel heater at 5kw. Heat from engine. Electric cartridge in three steps 1-2-3kw (with preselection) which also preheats the engine via the El cartridge and / or diesel heater always hot water, no gas for heating or hot water, comfort heating even in the cab, integrated in the car's ordinary heating system without the patch covers over the windows.

Only one 2012 gas bottle (soccer) for stove lasts several weeks during daily use.
A car that can easily go down to 25- (see reportage in the magazine husbilen nr8 / 09 nr2 / 10 nr1 / 11) No cold starts on the engine. Heat for real!
Easy operation of a highly reliable system with 50,000 operating hours (electrical
cartridges / pumps) completely freed from Gasol. Appreciated at winter camping.

In addition, a 2kw thermostatically controlled Diesel air heater for cool humid summer nights with dampers that you change, so you can use the large garage as drying cabinet, set the entire drying rack and the laundry / wet clothes are dry at 20min. Absolutely superb. The garage is also heated via the MPC system perfect for winter camping for storage of ski boot equipment etc.

Technical spec

  • Renault Master chassis
  • Diesel
  • The 2007 model
  • 7428 miles
  • 6 speed
  • Belt replacement at 6150 mil.
  • 140 hp
  • Välservad
  • Length: 6.45M
  • Width: 2.3M
  • Total weight: 3500kg
  • Load weight: 600kg
  • Annual tax: SEK 5642
  • Inspected: 2016-10-14 UA (7416 mil), next at 2017-11-30
  • Moisture test: 2016-10-24 UA


  • Summer tires on metal wheels
  • New winter tires, friction tires on sheet metal
  • Back air suspension
  • Extra strong backlight (Led)
  • "Back Signal"
  • Rear camera two lenses, 7tums display in color and sound
  • Rear bicycle rack
  • Solar cells, 100w
  • 100lit gray water with heating coil for winter use.
  • Heated water trap in drainage for winter use.
  • Radiant TV antenna


  • Cruise Control
  • Converter 600W
  • 4-belted
  • Sleeps 4
  • Chipped for better torsional rigidity and acc. = about 140hp
  • Central lock for living area via remote
  • Panorama roof above advantage
  • AC in driver section
  • ABS
  • Double airbag
  • Electric window lifts
  • Plize curtains
  • elspeglar
  • Garmin GPS with lifetime map update
  • Bluetooth phone system
  • Spinning chairs in front
  • Alarm with GSM dial-up also alarmed hatches and garage (An alarm that is heard)
  • Anesthesia Alarm
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Shower
  • TV
  • STB
  • TV antenna, omni-directional
  • LED lights throughout the car
  • 2h 100 Ah batteries in the living area
  • Batman battery bank monitoring
  • Conduct control of voltage into the car from electrical outlets. 230v
  • Isotherm 12v Electric refrigerator 120L with freezer compartment
  • 2 roof shutters ink. 1st great
  • The pressure water system rebuilt into a real system with flow pump
  • The counter has switched to the correct luminaire
  • Washbasin faucet changed to the correct luminaire
  • Large garage can accommodate four bikes or a scooter
  • 100lit fresh water
  • 2-flame gas stove
  • Mosquito nets Door
  • Cassette toilet with electric flush

In the garage

  • Lastförsäkringsögglor
  • Cargo racks
  • Jack
  • HEAT
  • Real spare wheel
  • Lighting

MPC comfort heating system

  • Remote start via key
  • Water-borne underfloor heating
  • towel
  • convectors
  • Aerotemprar,
  • Defroster
  • Diesel heater 5kw
  • Electric cartridge with preselection in three steps 1-2-3kw
  • Heat from engine in the entire car
  • Comfort heating also in the cab via the cab's regular heating system without the patch covers over the windows. Only one 2012 gas bottle (soccer) for stove, lasts several weeks for daily use.
  • Heated garage

A car that easily cope with grim cold (see reportage in the magazine husbilen nr 8/09 nr2 / 10 nr1 / 11)

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