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Property Hostel / Business Park Junselevägen 22 Bredbyn

  • 698272
  • 89530 Bredbyn
  • Sweden
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Address Junselevägen 22 Bredbyn
Building year 1956

Property Hostel / Business Park Junselevägen 22 Bredbyn


    2600 m

  • Area - Housing, Number: 5, Area: 159

  • Area - Room, Number: 49, Area: 1,041

  • Area - Other 2, Area: 1,400

  • Area - Land area: 14,790

BUILDING: Building type: 2 floors, with basement

Year of construction: 1956

Bredbyn farm was built around 1956 and was an internal school.

There have been various activities in the building since then. Most recently, there has been asylum accommodation between 2016-2018 thereafter, so the building is approved for such an activity that requires certain approved measures, such as fire alarms. Brand documentation. Fire doors and other requirements required by authorities. It can also be used as a hotel or hostel.
Bredbyn is the largest village in Örnsköldsvik municipality. Västernorrland County. About 40 km from the town of Örnsköldsvik. Here there is a good bus connection and a health center. Bank. Ica. Consumption .and various service shops as well as one of polar bread's largest factories .mark area 15000 sqm
The building living area is approximately 2000sqm and divided into three floors, a basement and two floors with rooms about 50 rooms in different sizes from 13 sqm to 28 sqm. The building is three angular, a central building and two wings. in the middle building is an approved restaurant, kitchen and dining room that can accommodate about 70 people and two common areas that can also be used as dining rooms if needed.
Left wing there is a basement with different rooms used for warehouses and carpentry workshop. In the two floors above the basement there are rooms of different sizes. Some rooms have their own toilet .otherwise there are shared toilets and showers.

Right wing. In the basement is the pan room and the laundry room etc. The other two floors are the living space.
Under the restaurant and dining rooms, there is also a large space as storage and for the time being, some was used as a library and training space.
Possibility . It is possible to invest in hostels and rent out rooms for an evening or short-term accommodation as well as long-term accommodation.
It is also possible to divide the building and use one wing as a business park with associated space and the other wing as accommodation.
It is possible to rent to companies that are building in the area and need overnight places for their staff.
During the summer, we rent to companies that pick berry pickers from Thailand, which provides income between 500 thousand to 950 thousand annually for a nine-week period.
It is possible to have about 160 to 180 beds with bunk beds.
The property is sold in its existing condition without equipment. It is possible to agree on the equipment in a separate agreement.

Description: Floor.1. Intermediate part: Entrance - marble floor, living room, dining room, kitchen - well equipped with floor tiles and tiles, with very new machines, food elevator to the kitchen, loading dock at the rear kitchen entrance, conference room with podium. Basement: Shower, toilet, changing room, storage, storage, large recreation room with fireplace divisible into 3 parts, library, shower and sauna department, carpentry workshop and painting room, room for hobby etc., smoking room, meeting room / conference room, boiler room and tank room, laundry room with 8 pcs washing machines and 3 pcs dryers. Grand piano north: Floor.1. 1 apartment with 2 bedrooms & kitchen with toilet and bath, 3 apartments with 1 room & toilet, 22 apartments 1 room, 2 showers and changing rooms. Attic: Devotional room and attic storage. Wing south: Floors 1 and 2. 2 showers and changing rooms, 3 rooms with toilet, 23 rooms, 1 apartment with 2 rooms & kitchen with toilet and shower. Attic: Devotional room and attic storage.

Ground: Cast kv

Frame: Brick and concrete

Floor: Concrete

Facade: Tile

Thanks: Tiles

Exterior sheet metal work: Painted sheet metal

Gutters: Painted sheet metal

Window type: 2-glazed

Ventilation: Mechanical ventilation

Water / sewage: Municipal water, municipal sewage.

Heating: Surface geothermal heating with 3 heat pumps & 1 oil boiler, sep vvber

Alarm: Available

Operating costs approx. SEK 300,000 / year

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Saturday 15 August 2020 10:00 UTC - 12:00 UTC

junselevägen 22 Bredbyn, Sweden

Screening is Saturday, May 2 between 12:00 to 14:00

Because. due to prevailing circumstances, all screenings must be pre-booked with appraiser Roger 0728-873535., we will then give each stakeholder a private tour of the property in 30 minutes.


junselevägen 22 Bredbyn, Sweden

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