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Jimmy Ingvarsson

Kama extra light ramp EX 3000-U5V Complete - Free shipping

  • 722337
  • 25400 Helsingborg
  • Sweden
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Extra light ramp EX 3000 U5V Complete A slightly more discreet ramp. Small without sacrificing effect for that reason. Complete with stone chip protection, relay kit and number plate bracket… EX 3000 is a classic extra light ramp made of plastic-coated aluminum and stainless steel. Made in Sweden for Nordic
Extra light ramp EX 3000 U5V
Light source: 5 pcs. white halogen lamps
Dimensions: W 400mm, H 75mm, D 40mm.
EX 3000 is a durable faithful servant who does not give in to vibrations, bad roads or extreme weather conditions. The ramp is easy to mount and creates a very good light image when driving in the dark. Mile after mile.

Why extra light?
The right extra light creates increased safety space when driving in the dark. Game, pedestrians and other road users are detected earlier and the total driving comfort increases significantly. You become e.g. not tired as fast as when driving with original lighting and this in turn leads to faster responsiveness and a safer ride.

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