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Björn Sandberg

Pelle Holmström


  • 753033
  • 93157 Skellefteå
  • Sweden
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Registration number UES805
VIN-number VSKCTND23U0100211
Year of manufacture 2018
Meter indication (km) 30421
Engine performance 161 hk
Gearbox Manual
Fuel Diesel
Total weight (kg) 3035
Kerb weight (kg) 2147
Max cargo weight (kg) 888
Number of keys 2 st Nycklar
Maintenance Servicebok finns
Vecicle status Avställd (2021-04-08)
Road worthiness test 210305
Inspection period 220331
Equipment 6-geared, ABS brakes, AC, Airbag x2, Central locking, Electric windows front, Electronic rear-view mirror, Cruise control, Four-wheel drive, Electric parking heater, Engine block heater, Multi wheel, Radio, Servo, Side airbag, Seat heating x2
Tyres Summer tires
Condition of item Worn

Nissan Navara from 2018 which only soon went 3050 km according to the meter.

Please note that this vehicle is of the model with a 5-year new car warranty, ie just over 2 years new car warranty left, and no known mechanical faults today.

The latest basic service was done 21-03-29 / 30422 km.

The car is on rough summer tires 225/75 R16 / Tin rims. The tires / rims that are on the car are the ones that come with the purchase. Nobody else.

The car has been used in the mining industry.

2 ignition keys.


There are stone chips, surface rust, chafing, scratches and small dents on the car.

A larger dent on the back stem / hatch.

Matt in lacquer, dirty engine compartment and dirty ceiling.

At the last inspection, the car was approved. But it is written by hand that the service brake on the left rear is a bit pulsating.


Only slightly tested. Errors may occur that we have not detected.


Approximate shipping prices within Sweden.

Stockholm. SEK 5,055 excl. VAT

Gothenburg. SEK 8,243 excl. VAT

Malmö. SEK 9,278 excl. VAT.




If the car is sold outside Sweden / Export, registration plates will be removed. It is then up to you as the buyer to bring your own registration plates or apply for temporary registration plates at the Swedish Transport Agency.

We at PS Skellefteå may have access to a loading ramp so cars can be driven directly on the truck. (from behind) If the loading ramp is to be used, we must be notified no later than one day before so that we can contact the company that owns the loading ramp and book it.

Registration documents will be sent by letter to the buyer after delivery.

Foreign buyers must email the responsible administrator for time for delivery.

If the buyer does not come himself, the buyer must email who is coming and the person's driving license and pick up the vehicle. If this is not done, the vehicle will not be handed over.

The shipping company must present an ex-invoice for the vehicle purchase so that we know what is to be handed out.

We recommend that foreign buyers arrange their own shipping. Example: MULLO Transport.



Important info

All bids are binding and the service fee is charged on all items. The item is sold as is, with basic description, and NOT TESTED by the auction firm unless otherwise specified in the object description. The object description is done with the best of our knowledge but not binding in detail.
PLEASE NOTE! Any pallet and pallet accessories seen in the picture are not included unless otherwise stated in the description.

If you want transportation assistance (only within Sweden), please send an email to the manager in charge in advance of the delivery date, and state the object no., delivery address and your username. It's also possible to contact us before placing a bid to request a quotation.
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PS Auction AB

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Important info

Payment must have been received by us before you can pick up the goods, so pay in time. 
Invoice copy and proof of payment must be brought to the pick up. The buyer shall at the appointed time arrange collection, any disassembly / packing of the item.

PLEASE NOTE! Any pallet and pallet accessories seen in the picture are not included unless otherwise stated in the description.

Funding on the item is possible on approved loan grant. It is the buying customer's responsibility to have an approved loan grant before the auction ends at the request for financing.

Only 20% cash deposit is required when financing.

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