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Wednesday, 2021-05-12 12:46 UTC

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68 000 SEK

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Jonas Löfstrand

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Model SL 320 Cab
Registration number UNK993
VIN-number WDB1290631F146054
Year of manufacture 1997
Meter indication (km) 187486km
Engine performance 228 hk
Gearbox Automatic
Fuel Gasoline
Total weight (kg) 2170
Kerb weight (kg) 1710
Max cargo weight (kg) 460
Max trailer weight (kg) 1900
Road worthiness test 180524
Inspection period 190731
Condition of item Good

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Mercedes-Benz SL320 Cab Automat.

Year 1997.

The car has not been driven by wine and has always been in a warm garage.

Straight 6th on 3.2L 228hp.

When inspecting the car, no rust is found, but it can not be guaranteed that there is no hidden rust.

2 keys.

AC that works.

Cab works.

Import: Yes

Completely completed service book.

Has walked about 800 miles in the last 12 years.

Sold newly inspected.

Stone shots are found outside the field of view on the driver's side.

Scratch is on the left front screen.

No damage to the cab.

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Friday 21 May 2021 07:00 UTC - 08:00 UTC

Delivery takes place 2021-05-21 between 09:00 - 10:00

Delivery date and time can be changed if necessary together with the administrator.

The car must be paid for and visible to PS Auction upon delivery.

Invoice and driver's license are included upon delivery.


Available on invoice at won auction.

Shipping possible, for questions contact Anders Thalén on 0761-347495 or

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Payment must have been received by us before you can pick up the goods, so pay in time. 
Invoice copy and proof of payment must be brought to the pick up. The buyer shall at the appointed time arrange collection, any disassembly / packing of the item.

PLEASE NOTE! Any pallet and pallet accessories seen in the picture are not included unless otherwise stated in the description.


Disposal means that a client has goods that they wish to sell. For example, it may be a supply / storage that is needs to be emptied, or that the company has restructured and does not need office space / equipment / etc anymore. This differs from bankruptcy since it's a voluntary sale.