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Rasmus Christensen

Mopedbil Zoyaz S1 - 2021 (HOS04E)

  • 902224
  • 43130 Mölndal
  • Sweden
Info Shipping Exhibition Pick up Finance Auction type
Registration number HOS04E
VIN-number LYFKWKZ06M1000018
Year of manufacture 2021
Fuel Electric
Total weight (kg) 633
Kerb weight (kg) 339
Max cargo weight (kg) 294
Maintenance okänd
Condition of item New/unused
Item condition New

Zojaz S1 electric moped car - 4 wheel moped car (class 1)

The Zojaz S1 is more reminiscent of a car because it is equipped with a steering wheel and pedals that you feel from a car. The four wheels provide a comfortable and stable driving experience and make it easy to drive the vehicle. The vehicle is approved for 2 people. AM driving license required to drive the vehicle.

Standard equipment

Zojaz S1 built with the latest technology you know from the new cars today. This gives you a user-friendly and comfortable driving experience. Therefore, there is standard equipment such as:

  • Elhissar

  • Remote controlled central locking

  • Rear view camera

  • Large LCD display with bluetooth

  • USB connector for charging your phone

  • Several storage spaces

  • Fan heater

  • LED lights front and rear

  • Wiper with sprinkler system

  • Tailgate that can be opened

  • Adjustable side mirrors

  • Battery 72V58AH (Class 1)

  • Supplied charger

  • Range up to 70 km

As the owner of Zojas S1, you pay no annual tax or congestion tax. If the battery is completely empty, it has a charging time of 6-8 hours. You can advantageously charge it overnight. New batteries can be purchased from a battery store or factory (better price but longer delivery time), as long as the size and specification match the original battery.


Zojas 1 is equipped with a 3000W DC electric motor.


The vehicle is registered as a moped car class 1.

Other information

The vehicle is new and unused. Only registered. 1 year technical support for the vehicle is available via the seller. Spare parts are available, but may have a delivery time.

Shipping throughout Sweden is possible. Email your postcode to the administrator to receive the shipping price.

Important info

All bids are binding and the service fee is charged on all items. Any deviations from equivalent second-hand goods are described under the section Remarks in the description of the Item and thus PS is not responsible for the deviation.
The item is NOT TESTED by the auction firm unless otherwise specified in the object description. The object description is done with the best of our knowledge but not binding in detail.
PLEASE NOTE! Any pallet and pallet accessories seen in the picture are not included unless otherwise stated in the description.

If you want transportation assistance (only within Sweden), contact the handler in charge.

i.v.p , Sweden

No view planned.


The object is located in Mölndal.

Collected no later than Friday the week after the auction has ended.

Remember to pay well in advance before collection takes place.

In case of questions, contact the responsible administrator.

NOTE! Address and contact information will appear on the invoice.

Important info

Payment must have been received by us before you can pick up the goods, so pay in time. 
Invoice copy and proof of payment must be brought to the pick up. The buyer shall at the appointed time arrange collection, any disassembly / packing of the item.

PLEASE NOTE! Any pallet and pallet accessories seen in the picture are not included unless otherwise stated in the description.

Funding on the item is possible on approved loan grant. It is the buying customer's responsibility to have an approved loan grant before the auction ends at the request for financing.

Only 20% cash deposit is required when financing.

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Some companies have a surplus on goods, such as hand tools, that they need help selling. PS then acts as an additional sales channel for that client.
The auctions are often characterized by large volumes, low reserves and free shipping.
This differs from bankruptcy sales as it is a voluntary sale.