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Joakim Alriksson

Sale of the business Umeå Motorrenovering (UMRAB Aktiebolag)

  • 907890
  • 90130 Umeå
  • Sweden
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Umeå Motorrenovering has been active since 1990 with renovation of engine parts. Works include everything from moped engines to mining trucks, construction machinery and industrial engines.


The turnover has been around 2.5-3.0 million annually in recent years, but due to illness the owner has reduced his working hours and now chooses to sell the company.


UMRAB has many repeat customers and at present the work is lying dormant for at least three months ahead.


The company is located in rented premises of 330 sqm + storage and parking spaces.

The monthly rent is SEK 26,000 + VAT. Electricity is added at about SEK 4,000 / month.

The heating (heating supplement) is added approximately SEK 5-12,000 / year.


In the workshop you will find everything you might need for engine renovations. Including:

Cylinder drill / face mill combination machine

Cylinder king machine

Crankshaft slip

Feed position cutter

Line drilling machine

Valve slip

Tissue Punching Machine (Vertical Punching Machine)

Valve seat cutter

Spare part wash with oil separator


Large amount of special tools

As well as a large additional amount of machines such as support lathes, column drills, presses, welds etc.


The company has two employees (incl. The owner). The owner can envisage working for a fixed period of part-time for training / handover of the company.


UMRAB is a member of MoRe Center, a nationwide organization for engine renovators in Sweden.


Read more on Umeå Motor Renovation's website

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