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Air cooler 3 in 1 with remote control and timer

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  • Sweden
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Portable air cooler with remote control and timer. Fill the tank with water (ice for even cooler) and start it. Get a fresh breeze of cool air on hot summer days or an air freshener on other days. The cooling effect is achieved by evaporation of water or ice.

Cooling, ventilation and humidification!

The device has 3 functions:

As an air cooler, it blows out a stream of cold air, which is cooled by fresh, cold water or ice for even cooler). The reservoir has a capacity of 4 liters. The unit is equipped with 2 cooling elements.

As a fan, the device distributes air without cooling it, which also causes a cooling effect due to its movement. It can ventilate in three levels: low, medium or high.

As a humidifier, this unit contributes to a healthier living environment. In a healthy indoor climate, the humidity is between 40% and 60%. Use the device in humidification mode when the humidity is lower.

The device can oscillate in all 3 modes. This oscillation function distributes the air even better. Press the oscillation button and the slats will move left and right continuously. The wind direction up and down can be adjusted manually. While the unit is in operation, it also filters the air, which also has an air-purifying effect.

Keep your home nice and cool with this 3-in-1 air cooler. It keeps the temperature a few degrees cooler, making you more productive during the day and helping you sleep better at night.

The handle and wheels make it easy to move the air cooler. Practical, for example, if you want to cool your living room during the day and your bedroom at night. The cooler also has a timer that you can set in 30-minute increments with a maximum duration of 7.5 hours. Perfect if you want cool air when you go to sleep but don't want the unit to run all night. You can control the air cooler via the control panel on the unit or with the included remote control from your bed or comfortable armchair.

- Lifetime 3 in 1: air cooler, fan and humidifier
- With remote control, filter, water level indicator and timer
- 3 ventilation speeds
- Power consumption: 80 watts
- Voltage: 220-240V50-60Hz
- Height: 57 cm
- Air volume: 270m3/h
- Protection: IPX0
- Water tank capacity 4 litres
- Maximum fan flow (F): 2.6 m³ /min
- Usage value (SV) 0.04 (m³/min)/W
- Power consumption in standby (PSB): 0.3 W
- Seasonal electricity consumption (Q) 21.0 kWh/a
- Fan noise level (LWA): 60.4 dB (A)
- Maximum air speed (C): 3.8m/s
- Measurement standard IEC 60879: 1986

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