Upcoming auction: 80 industrial robots from the old Saab factory in Trollhättan will be auctioned.

80 industrial robots from the old Saab factory in Trollhättan are auctioned. It is the factory's new owner Nevs who discontinues equipment that is no longer applicable.
The equipment has been used as welding robots in the car body factory at Saab about ten years ago.
"But there are robots that can be used for many other automated moments in a manufacturing industry. Half was put into production in 2008 and has just been installed and came on a shift in a couple of weeks, says Robin Åsedal on PS Auction who manages the sale.
The still fully modern welding robots make up a small part of the equipment in the old Saab factory. Nevs took over the factory in 2012 after Saab's bankruptcy the year before. The reason for getting rid of the robots is that it is out of date equipment that does not fit the current and planned future operations.
Thus, the Saab Robots are a good example of how companies can turn on equipment that is no longer used for liquid funds - while giving someone else with other needs the opportunity to get equipment at a fraction of the new price.
It becomes part of a circular economy and better resource utilization for the whole community.

The auction is one of the largest of its kind in Sweden.
- I have never seen such a robust auction of robots during my ten years in the industry. 80 pieces at once are very much. Normally, there are one or two sold, "says Robin Åsedal.
PS Auction expects to find buyers in Sweden or other European countries, and collaborates with a Dutch auction site and with their Finnish, Danish and Estonian colleagues.
"I would think that at least half sold abroad. The ABB robots have a great value in Scandinavia. Half is ABB and the other half has the brand Fanuc, which is more viable in other countries, says Robin Åsedal.

The auction consists of several robots such as tex.
ABB IRB6400 S4C +, 2.5 / 150, 2000, 2 500-20 000 h.
Fanuc R-2000iB / 210F, 2008, about 500 h
Fanuc M900iA / 350, 2008, approximately 500 h
Most adhesive systems for automation SCA
Positioners Expert-Tünkers
50's pallet with robot / automation cabinet
Light curtains SICK, laser cameras SICK, lifting tables, lifting arms for weightless tools, hydraulic power packs,
bolt welders, induction assemblies, vibration feeder Büllhoff, ESAB stationary welding welding, power steering welding tool RAS,

The auction will be published Thursday 3/5 and will end Thursday 17/5.