About PS

Everything has a value

PS Auction is an auction company that conveys property from sellers to buyers. We believe that everything has a value. A machine that is considered obsolete may be of great use to someone else. Today our goal is to continuously strengthen our position as a trustworthy marketplace where you get the chance to do great business.

Online auctions every week

For over 50 years we have worked with auctions and in 2006 we launched our online auction, then our name was Auktionsfirman Pettersson & Son. Today our name is PS Auction and are a place where our clients’ items meet the market’s buyers. We want both parties to feel like they have made a great deal at the end of the auction. Sellers are usually bankruptcy trustees, finance companies, government, municipalities, authorities and businesses. Buyers are traders from primarily engineering-, metal-, textile-, forest- and office industries as well as individuals.

Professional valuation

We have professional competence in evaluating the entire bankruptcy estate as well as new and old industrial objects. A lot of people hire us today solely for valuation or alternatively a certificate from an independent party of the inventory or equipment value.

AAA - highest credit value

We are very proud of our high credit rating. It is based on Bisnodes (former Soliditet) rating system that is the world's oldest and most prestigious. The system reviews a company's ability to pay based on a variety of decision rules. Running a creditworthy company requires time, dedication and hard work. We hope you see the value in hiring, purchasing from or collaborate with credit worthy.

Environmental Policy

We work actively to contribute to sustainable development for the internal as well as the external environment, thus helping to secure a clean and healthy environment both today and in the future. PS Auction are doing this by adapting the business to have minimal environmental impact through:

  • Comply with applicable environmental legislation
  • Take advantage of existing resources in an efficient and economical way
  • Sorting and, to the extent possible, use recycled materials
  • As far as possible using eco-labeled and recyclable products and materials
  • Prioritize the working methods that causes least damage to humans and the environment
  • Educate and inform staff on environmental issues in order to continuously improve and rationalize environmental
  • Inform staff and customers in our environment about our environmental work and thus contribute to information regarding environmental work reaches different parts of society
  • Respect and comply with customers' environmental policy at work at their premises
  • Regularly monitor and update our environmental objectives


Please, contact us for more information. Welcome to PS!