We carry out a certified valuation

Professional valuation of a business, equipment, machinery or inventories may be topical when it comes to sales, liquidation or bankruptcy. At PS Auction we have competence in evaluation of the entire bankruptcy estate as well as both new and old industrial objects. We also carry out valuations within areas such as wood-, metal- and engineering industries, sawmills, farming, construction machines, cars and trucks, printers, offices, caterers and etc. Valuation is a constantly growing field. A lot of people hire us today solely for valuation or alternatively a certificate from an independent party of the inventory or equipment value.

Personal PS contact
As a client, you always have direct contact with your own appraiser who quickly gets back to you, regardless of where you are in Sweden.

Effective organisation and extensive experience
We are a competent and efficient organisation, and we guarantee safe handling when we take care of valuation as well as the overall picture. We have many years of knowledge within valuation in most industries. Our extensive experience has made our work process optimised and within three weeks we have handled everything from valuation and online auctions to collection of items.

Appointed inspectors

At PS we have a number of appointed inspectors from the Swedish Chambers of Commerce. To get in touch with your inspector, contact our account managers.