Pick up your item

Where and when do I pick up my item?
Usually you can pick up your item on a specific day and between certain hours. PS Auction has its own pick up points across Sweden but in case of bankruptcies or divestitures collection of items will be organised in a different place. The date and time are stated in the item’s description as well as on the invoice and those are usually the only time when pick up is possible. The invoice will also state the name and phone number of PS contact person at the pick up point.

For the pick up you need to bring the invoice and a payment confirmation. We do not release the items before the full payment is received, so always follow carefully the payment instructions stated on the invoice. Buyers who don’t pick up their items from PS Auction on time will be charged a storage fee of 500 SEK excluding VAT per day and item.

When shipping is possible for an item, it will be stated in the description. See shipping prices and, if wanted, order your shipping through instructions for the item. If a transport company is collecting an item on your behalf (where you have booked the transport) it is important that they can present the item’s number/invoice number in order for us to dispatch the goods, so please always specify it on the consignment note. Items that are not collected on time at a pick up point will be charged storage fee of 500 SEK excluding VAT per day and item. The storage fee will be charged regardless of whether the item should be sent with a transport company or picked up by the buyer.

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