About the auctions

How do I become a member?
Click “Register” and enter your details. Registration for a bidder is free of charge. Don't forget to read through the terms and conditions for online auctions. You must agree to these terms and conditions in order to register. In order to participate in online auctions, you must be over 18 years old.

How does the list feature work?
Each item has a button labelled "Add to my list", press it and you'll get your own list of these items. In order to create a personal list, you need to be logged in. You will find your personal list using the filter function in the middle on the first page.

Can I view closed auctions?
You can see the items you have bid on under “My page” and “My closed auctions”. You can only see the completed auctions that you participated in. 

Can I see my invoices?
Yes there is. Log into your PS account and go to “My account” and then to that tab called “My invoices”.


My Account

I’ve created an account but have not got any activation mail
Take a look in you spam folder, sometimes for unknown reason the mail client does not like our mail and puts it in the spam folder. 

I’ve checked my spam folder and cannot find it there
Your inbox might be full, if that is the case our activation mail cannot fit and is therefore rejected. Contact us after deleting some old mail and we’ll send the activation mail again.
If your inbox is not full there is a risk that you might not have filled out your email correctly resulting that our activation mail just bounces back to us. If that is the case we need to correct your email. Please contact us to help you with that.

My company have an account at PS but we have changed our name and organisation number. I would like to update our info and continue to use the same account.
If it’s just the name that have changed but the organisation number is still the same there’s no problem. Contact our support at support@ps.se and inform us of the name change. Don’t forget to include your account number. You can find this info from “My profile” under “My account”.
If your organisation number have changed you need to create a new account.

How do I change the details in my profile?
We have to check you email before it can be changed. Please send us a mail, either from you old or new email address, with you account number and what email address you want to change to. Other info like your mailing address, phone number, password among other things, can be easily be changed from “My account” —> “My profile”.


The bidding

How much do I need to raise my bid on?
Between SEK 0 and 19 999 the smallest raise is SEK 100. Between SEK 20 000 and 99 999 the smallest raise is SEK 1000. Between SEK 100 000 and 499 999 the smallest raise is SEK 2000. Between SEK 500 000 and 999 999 the smallest raise is SEK 5000. From SEK 1 million and onwards, the minimum raise is SEK 10 000.

Can a bid be undone?
A set bid cannot be undone, all bids are binding. This rule applies to private individuals as well as business owners.

What does reserve price mean?
Property offered for sale has a reserve price. The highest bid that is submitted is always checked against the reserve price. The reserve price is detement by the seller (the person or company who submitted the item for sale) and is the lowest price that he/she is willing to sell it for.

Is the bid binding although the reserve price has not been met?
The bid is always binding regardless of whether the reserve price has been met or not. 

How do I know if the reserve price has been met?
When the reserve price is met you will be notified in the item's information box. 

What happens after the auction if the reserve price has been met?
If the reserve price is reached when the auction ends, it is the highest bid that wins the item. An invoice will then be sent to the winner's email address; it can also be downloaded on “My page” if you are logged in.

What happens after the auction if the reserve price has not been met?

  1. The seller accepts your offer, and we will send you an invoice within three (3) working days. The invoice will be sent to the e-mail address you provided at registration and is also available to download on My PS.
  2. The seller wishes to negotiate with you: an administrator from PS Auction will call you to negotiate about the price within three (3) working days of the end of the auction. If the negotiations do not lead to a transaction, other bidders will have the opportunity to bid afterwards.
  3. The seller does not accept your bid. PS Auction will no longer have the opportunity to convey the sale of that item at this sales opportunity. If you haven't been contacted within three (3) working days this option will applies.

What is the definition of market value?
An estimated market value of each item is announced in the description of the object. The market value is only an estimate of what the item is worth and is not intended as a guide in the bidding. Bidders are invited to bid for own perception of the object's value.

What is a "Reparationsobjekt" (repair object)?
A repair object is an object that is in need of repair, e.g. it's broken, malfunctioning or otherwise doesn't work as intended. PS is not responsible for defects, even if the auction object has more comprehensive or other defects than those specified. It is not possible to send in an complaint regarding repair objects.

What does it mean that an object is a "Reservdelsmaskin" (Spare part machine)?
A spare part machine is part of the "repair object" category. This means that the machine is meant for spare parts and thus usually doesn't work and can be of varying conditions. We strongly recommend the bidder to go to the exhibition and examen the object to make sure that it is of satifactory condition. 

I’ve won an auction but haven’t received any invoice
Usually the invoices are sent within an hour after the auction has ended, in some cases it might take a bit longer. The most common case that you have not received your invoice is that the inbox is full and cannot receive anymore emails or that the email address you have given us no longer works. Try to to delete some old emails or create a new email address. To change your email address on your account you need to contact us.
All our invoices can be accessed from “My invoices” under “My account” when you are logged in.



Why do I have to pay VAT if my company is registered in another country?
Buyers outside Sweden get invoices with the Swedish VAT added. The VAT must be paid to PS Auction and will be returned to the buyer once the export declaration or any other document proving that the goods have left Sweden reaches PS. In order to be able to repay VAT PS needs to receive the export document within fourteen (14) days after the invoice date. Please fill out the following form where you state your bank details as well as attaching the export documents. PS does not provide transport or help with customs; the buyer shall be responsible for all procedures and costs associated with the transport and export.


Are there any additional charges to the winning bid?
An order fee and sales tax in connection to this, as well as VAT on the winning bid will be added, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

How do I pay?
If you are the highest bidder and your bid is accepted when the auction is closed, an invoice will be sent to your email address. After your invoice has been paid and we have posted the payment, we will send a confirmation email to you. You will get a receipt from your bank.

Our bank info
Bank: Swedbank Sjuhärad AB
Bankgiro 5726-5407
IBAN: SE92 80000 803 2500 4616 8373

This information can also be found in the footer of our invoices.

Can I submit my invoice to another buyer?
Yes, that works, however we always encourage bidders to bid by the username, which is in fact the buyer of the item, in order to avoid this. To shift the invoice we need a power of attorney from the new invoice recipient. Conversion of invoice is charged with SEK 100 excl. VAT per item that needs to be amended. This fee is added to the new invoice or sent separetly if needed. Conversion must take place within three (3) days after the original invoice issuing. We don't do this on invoices that we already recieved payment on. We also don't amend invoices from companies to consumers.

If the recipient person or company do not have an account one will be created.

Can I get my multi-invoice separated into one invoice per item?
Yes, that works, we will however charge 100 SEK excl. VAT per item that needs to be invoiced separately. We don't do this on invoices that we already recieved payment on


After the auction ended

When should I collect my purchased items?
Purchased items are to be collected at the time and place specified in the item’s description and on the invoice. The place and time of the retrieval, as indicated on the invoice, is generally the only time when pick-up is possible.

Should I bring anything when collecting my item?
Bring your invoice copy and your payment confirmation that you received from your bank. If someone else is picking up your item for you, he/she needs to bring your invoice copy and your payment confirmation. Also make sure to have carrying assistance, tools and required packaging at the place of delivery.

Is it possible to have the purchased items delivered to me?
Items displayed at the PS Auction in Svenljunga, Gothenburg, Vallentuna, Malmö and Skellefteå, are usually available for delivery to your home.

To have them sent from other places, please contact the responsible desk officer for each individual item. Helpful information and price details regarding shipping you can find under shipping & export.

I went to one of your extraditions but I couldn’t get the object I bought, do I get any compensation from for this?
PS compensate travel costs up to 500 SEK in those cases we are deemed responsible. We do not compensate for time spent, for example if you have taken a day off work to go to the extradition.


Issues with purchased item

How does the right of withdrawal work?
As an individual you can make use of the right of withdrawal if for any reason you do not wish to have your item. To let us know please fill in the form within 14 days after your purchase. If you are a business owner the right of withdrawal does not apply.  

What do I do if I received a damaged goods that I have ordered from PS Auction?
Read more about damaged goods here.

How do complaints work?
Read more about complaints.

Do you have any other questions?
Contact customer service at  +46 771 10 11 00

We are open Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, 09.00 - 15.00, Thursday, 09:00 - 17:00