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Niclas Karlsson

Motorcycle Ducati Panigale V2 - 2021 (track bike)

  • 1171954
  • 51250 Svenljunga
  • Sweden

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Brand Ducati
Model PANIGALE V2 Ducati
Registration number KWY30F
VIN-number ZDM1H00AAMB004985
Model year 2021
Year of manufacture 2021
Maintenance inga uppgifter

Basically, the motorcycle is a "regular" Ducati V2 Panigale that has been extensively rebuilt into a "track bike".

The motorcycle has never crashed and has very few miles. It is estimated to have traveled approximately 250 miles.

The motorcycle is prepared as a "track bike" but could probably be converted to a "road bike" again. It may be enough to rewire the brake lines because the ABS function is disconnected at the moment. In addition to this, lighting etc. must be switched on.

The switch is mounted in the middle of the handlebars, keys and regular switches are still on the bike so it can be started without a key just by pressing the button.

A good bunch of standard parts are included (as shown in pictures).
Among other things extra wheels with rain tires included; Metzeler Racetec RR Rain 120/70 R17 (production week/year 21/22) and Metzeler Racetec RR Rain 190/60 R17 (production week/year 23/22)

The equipment that sits on it was purchased for around SEK 233,000.
Termignoni complete system with UpMap - SEK 40,000
OZ GASS RS-A wheels with brembo T-drive - SEK 45,000
Suter slip clutch - SEK 11,600
Jetprime keypads and switches left + right - SEK 5,000
Domino fast gas - SEK 4,300
Brembo GP4RX brake caliper - SEK 20,000
Brembo Radial Racing brake pump - SEK 3,000
Öhlins FKR pressurized cartridge - SEK 25,000
Öhlins ttx shock absorber - SEK 17,500
I2M Plus with suspension sensors - SEK 25,000
Motoholder's rear frame - SEK 3,500
Motoholder's fairing stay - SEK 1,500
Xtreme components clip-on - SEK 3,500
Bonamici rear sets - SEK 7,000
MWR air filter (foam) SEK 2,000
Shido lithium battery - SEK 2,000
Cordona QS - SEK 4,000
Racetorx arm for more precise shifting - SEK 1,500
JM oil/water cooler - SEK 12,000

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Kindsvägen 44 51250 Svenljunga, Sweden

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Kindsvägen 44 51250 Svenljunga, Sweden

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