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Kristian Christiansen

Solar cell package 6 kW incl. Hybrid inverter, all-black panels 430 W & Mounting accessories

  • 1223452
  • 60210 Norrköping
  • Sweden

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Info Shipping Exhibition Pick up Auction type
Model Austa/GROWATT
Measurments 1722 x 1134 x 30mm
Condition of item New/unused
Item condition New/unused

Solar cell package 6 kW incl. Growatt Hybrid Inverter, All-Black Panels 430 W N-Type, Bi-Facial & Mounting Material



- 14 pcs AUSTA 430 W AU-108MHDB Black panels.

- N-type & Bi-Facial

- 3 bypass diodes / Panel for best peak effect

- Total installed peak power 6 kW (1.95 m2/panel)

- Panel dimensions: 1722x1134x30mm

- 30-year linear power warranty on solar panels, 15-year product warranty

- For full specification see attached technical document.



- 1st Growatt MOD 6KTL3-XH (BP) Swedish version

- Compatible with battery packs up to 60 kW/h

- Possibility of island operation & Frequency balancing (Battery pack needs to be purchased)

- Model year 2024

- Wifi & W-Lan monitoring

- ShinePhone App

- Swedish version approved by Riktarätt.

- For full specification see attached technical document.


Mounting system Isotec:

- Brick/concrete boilers & tin roof are included in the package. For folded sheet metal, cardboard roofs & rubber cloth there is an additional cost which is settled after the auction is over.

- PV cable 6 mm2 up to 30 meters included

- MC4 connectors

- Certified snow & wind load throughout Sweden thanks to the material thickness of 65 mm

- Rails and cabling included for vertical mounting.



- 5-year warranty on inverter

- 12 year warranty on assembly system

- 15-year product warranty & 25-year performance warranty on panels


The facility is expected to produce between 6000-6500 kWh per year. The production is of course dependent on where in the country the facility is located and in which direction it is installed. Other factors are of course affected by the weather.




Shipping can be purchased after the end of the auction at cost price alt. Can be picked up in Norrköping. Loading assistance is available on site

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Kristian Christiansen, PS Auction


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PLEASE NOTE! Any pallet and pallet accessories seen in the picture are not included unless otherwise stated in the description.


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