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Thursday, 2019-03-21 12:15 UTC

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Johannes Grönlund

Niklas Strååt

2 drill hammers Hilti TE 6-A36 with accessories

  • 411565
  • 12630 Hägersten
  • Sweden
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2 hammers from Hilti TE 6-A36 with 2 chargers and 1 battery and 2 vacuum cleaners Hilti TE DRS-6-A

  • PLEASE NOTE! This is a judicial sale since the objects belong to a bankruptcy. According to our terms it is therefore not possible to make a complaint regarding these objects.
    All bids are binding and the service fee is charged on all items. The item is sold as is, with basic description, and or NOT TESTED by the auction firm unless otherwise specified in the object description. The object description is done with the best of our knowledge but not binding in detail.
    PLEASE NOTE! Any pallet and pallet accessories seen in the picture are not included unless otherwise stated in the description.

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  • Since the bidder is obliged to inspect the item prior to the auction it is strongly recommended that the bidder attends the exhibition. PS is not responsible for the Customer neglecting its obligation of inspection.

Tuesday 26 March 2019 08:00 UTC - 11:00 UTC

Vretenborgsvägen 17 12630 Västberga, Sweden

The extradition is from the former workshop depot. The room is located in the basement floor.

Large warehouse doors can be found in the premises, you cannot park directly adjacent to the premises, as several companies use the downhill access to the premises.

There is nothing to borrow on the premises. Bring your own carrying aid and tools to handle your items!

Much of the items are on the pallet, so a pallet carrier can be good to bring with them. There is no lifting aid in the form of a truck in place.

  • With regards to the recent Corona Virus outbreak we want to inform that you are still responsible for collecting you won auction on the time specified, even if you are unable to collect it yourself.

    Payment must have been received by us before you can pick up the goods, so pay in time. 
    Invoice copy and proof of payment must be brought to the pick up. The buyer shall at the appointed time arrange collection, any disassembly / packing of the item.

    PLEASE NOTE! Any pallet and pallet accessories seen in the picture are not included unless otherwise stated in the description.


A company is shuting down some of its operations and need help with clearing the premises and selling equipment they no longer need. This differs from bankruptcy since it's a voluntary sale.