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Nicklas Dudziak

Renault Megane -11 (LSA757)

  • 443738
  • 51250 Svenljunga
  • Sweden
Info Exhibition Delivery
Make Renault
Model Megane
Registration number LSA757
Year of manufacture 2011
Meter indication (km) 146954
Engine performance 110hk / 81kW
Gearbox Manual
Fuel Gasoline
Total weight (kg) 1780 kg
Kerb weight (kg) 1290 kg
Max cargo weight (kg) Max 490 kg
Number of keys 1
Number of seats 4 st + förare
Maintenance Servicebok enligt bilder
Vecicle status Säljs avställd men kan ställas på om önskas
Road worthiness test 2017-08-15
Inspection period Jul-Nov, 2018
Annual tax 833 SEK
Equipment 6-geared, ABS brakes, AC, Airbag x2, Detachable hitch, Central locking, Electric windows, Electronic rear-view mirror, Remote lock, Onboard computer, Electric parking heater, Car alarm, Engine block heater, Radio, Stereo, Disconnect-able passenger airbag
Tyres Summer tires, Studded tires
Condition of tires Normal
Condition of winter tire Good

Renault Megane from 2011 in good condition based on age and mileage.

No major remarks on engine and driveline after a short test drive.

Winter tires in good condition with approx. 7-8mm pattern left.

Summer tires in good condition with approx. 3-4mm left.

Known faults / deficiencies:

At maximum turning, a lesser sound is heard which then decreases after a few meters.

Dirty and needs cleaning.

Smaller scratches and marks, mainly on the rear the as shown.

After 2-3 weeks of outdoor standing, smaller amounts of water have been collected (see pictures). Unclear if this is due to leakage or condensation.

Larger stone shot in front window on upper passenger side.

Only one key.

Additional errors and flaws that have not been noted may occur.

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