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Pelle Holmström

Mercedes-Benz 180 -62 Reg No: BDT245

  • 465558
  • 93161 Skellefteå
  • Sweden
Info Exhibition Delivery Finance Auction type
Make Mercedes-Benz
Model 180
Registration number BDT245
Year of manufacture 1962
Meter indication (km) 47391 enligt mätaren (Lägg på 10.000 mil)
Gearbox Manual
Fuel Gasoline
Road worthiness test 2016-07-12
Inspection period Besiktningsbefriad enligt uppgift
Tyres Summer tires
Condition of tires Good
Condition of item Normal

Mercedes-Benz "Bullmerca" from 1962 and has reportedly almost 14,740 miles.

Only 3 owners. All within the family / family.

The car is finalized and is only to start and run. The engine / driveline is original and only repaired during these years. Not renovated.

The carburetor, on the other hand, has been renovated. One of the heat packs heals and is therefore disconnected. Brakes around are renovated. Exhaust system exchanged / new.

The frameworks are rust-proof / tin-packed and painted approximately 2 years ago. The car is painted in the 70's and is still fine in the paint. Certainly there are bumps and injuries but on the whole, it is a nice driving car for summer cruising. The dress is nice except the driver's seat, which has a nostrils on the side. MB original front and rear seats are included. Seems to be nice underneath the album what we saw and photographed.

The car has only run in the summer since it was new according to the owner.

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