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Björn Sandberg

Nissan Navara D40 2.5dCi -08 JBB706

  • 617617
  • 93157 Skellefteå
  • Sweden
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Make Nissan
Model Navara D40 2,5dCi
Registration number JBB706
VIN-number VSKCVND40U0327878
Year of manufacture 2008
Meter indication (km) 110745
Gearbox Automatic
Fuel Diesel
Total weight (kg) 2805 kg
Kerb weight (kg) 2149 kg
Max cargo weight (kg) 656 kg
Number of keys 2
Number of seats 5
Maintenance Ja
Vecicle status Avställd (2020-05-13)
Road worthiness test 2020-01-08
Inspection period 2021-02-28
Annual tax 5041 kronor
Equipment Airbag x2, Aluminium rim, Electric windows, Electronic rear-view mirror, Remote lock, Four-wheel drive with low gear, Seat heating x2
Tyres Summer tires, Studded tires
Condition of tires Normal
Condition of winter tire Normal
Condition of item Normal

Nissan Navara D40 2.5dCi in normal condition to be a work vehicle.

Has gone 11075mil, service history exists.

Starts and runs well, but feels a little weak in the engine during acceleration and load.

Only simpler test run.

Standing on winter tires on alloy wheels, pattern depth about 50%.

Supplied with summer tires on alloy wheels with about 50% pattern depth.

Performed Road Safety Check on Besikta, see protocol among files.

There are some scratches and dents on the outside, inside you see some wear on the driver's seat, but otherwise relatively whole and clean.


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PS lokal , Sweden

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PS lokal , Sweden

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Gymnasievägen 24

93157 Skellefteå

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