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Niklas Delling

Pressline Cowlishaw Walker 600 ton -73

  • 646022
  • 28141 Hässleholm
  • Sweden
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NOTE! The press has a crack in the crank

Capacity - 600 Ton

Type - Double Column Mechanical Press

Year - 1973 With Coil Feed Unit APT With Press Control

Stroke - 300 mm

Cushion 150 ton and stroke - 200 mm

With AP&T Coil Feeders LMRF-1000-3,0,

IB-1000JS & UC-40-1300-5 (1994)​

Max. Pressure - 600 Ton

Bolster Dimensions  - 2800 x 1700 mm

Slide Dimensions - 2800 x 1700 mm

Slide Adjustment  - 200 mm

Stroke - 300 mm

Stroke Speed - 15-30 SPM

Min/Max Shut Height stroke down - 670/870 mm

Two Cushions in Slide, total - 20 Ton

Cushion Stroke - 25 mm

Cushion Platen - 2200 x 250 mm

Three Cushions in Bed - 150 Ton

Cushion Pressure total - 100 Ton

Cushion Stroke - 200 mm

Cushion Platen - 2200 x 250 mm

Motor - 46/92 kW

Overall dimensions - H (above floor)= 6500 m x W= 4520 mm x D = 3300 mm

Weight - 117 Ton


Coil Feed Unit, Mfg. APT, year 1994

Decoiler APT model UC 40-1300-5; Serail No. 1930; Year of Mfg. 1994

Max Strip width - 1300 mm ; Max Thickness - 5 mm

Coilfeed Unit APT model LMRE-1000-3,0; Serial No. 1930; Year of Mfg. 1994

max Strip width - 1000 mm; max Thickness - 3 mm

The machine is connected today and can be tested. The machine was last in production about 1.5 years ago.

Link to video taken for the last auction 1,5 years ago:

If help is required with disassembly and transport, the seller recommends Jinert (+4645114100) and Ljungby Industrimontage (+46702455487)

BMS Tunga Lyft can offer disassembly, removal and transport as well as possible reassembly and operation. They can be reached at +46703589625 or

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