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Wednesday, 2022-06-29 10:00 UTC

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ESTIMATED MARKETVALUE: 150 000 SEK (incl non-deductible VAT)

SERVICE FEE: 5.00% of winning bid

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70 000 SEK

70000 SEK = 6542.9 EUR

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Pelle Holmström

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Brand Kawasaki
Model Z1
Registration number HSK776
VIN-number Z1F66198
Model year 1975
Year of manufacture 1975
Engine 0.9
Meter indication (km) 380210 km
Engine performance 82
Maintenance Nej
Road worthiness test 1989-05-22 (Slutbesiktning måste göras)

The legendary motorcycle Kawasaki 900 Z1 from 1975 which has been parked since 1989-10-06 and only traveled about 3,825 km and with 3 owners according to the Swedish Transport Agency.

The motorcycle is in working order after these years. Of course there are chafing, bleach damage and nut damage, but it is from -75 so you have to reckon with that.

Cleaning of carburetors, nozzles, spark plugs and oil and filters have been changed.

It has only been started up and driven carefully around the yard and then put away.

Items such as nozzles, gaskets, brake handles, etc. are purchased and included. The idea is to spend time repairing it to its original condition, but the time is not right now.

Central support included, manuals, some original tools, etc.


Some original parts are missing or replaced.

- Exhaust system / original. About half the system comes with the other part is missing. (today there is a 4-1 system on.

- The rear-view mirrors seem to have been replaced.

- There is a steering damper on the bike. We do not know if it works.

- The rear shock absorbers have been replaced


The motorcycle may need a major overhaul / service. Brakes must be applied, carburetor must be synchronized. There are certainly more details to do.


If buyers want help with shipping, we can check prices after the auction has ended .

The motorcycle is in the Piteå area. (Norrbotten)




The motorcycle is from 1975 and has not really been used since 1989, so there are faults and jobs.

It is sold as it stands.

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