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Pelle Holmström

DeSoto Firedome Sportsman Sedan - 1958

  • 998532
  • 91592 Robertsfors
  • Sweden

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Brand DeSoto
Model Firedome Sedan
Registration number EJR75L
VIN-number LS211123
Model year 1958
Year of manufacture 1958
Engine 5.9 V8
Engine performance 299
Gearbox Automatic
Fuel Gasoline
Total weight (kg) 2350
Max trailer weight, B-driving licence (kg) 1150
Maintenance Nej
Road worthiness test 2022-06-03

Here you have a seriously restored DeSoto Firedome Sportsman Sedan from 1958 which is rare because it was only produced in 3825 examples.

The car has been renovated in Finland approx. 2000 hours over a three-year period. It is imported from South Dakota.

The entire body has been sanded clean and then built up with epoxy primer at the bottom.

The entire body is joined with urethane sealant, it took about 10 400 ml tubes. It is significantly denser than an original one.

Changed to alternator and aluminum radiator to avoid cruising cam with open hood etc

The idea is that you should dare and be able to drive anywhere with it.

The car has been blue-green (seacoast aqua) except for the roof and side panels white (pearl white)

Made at East Warren Avenue Dearborn, Michigan.

Plant code 504

Original documents are available from the factory. (build sheet)

Workshop manual included.

Imported to Sweden in 2021.


Below you have a list we received from the owners of what has been purchased, replaced and renovated.

Engine and box 361 1962 and torqueflite A-727 for 2950e beg.

Radiator alu

Radiator hoses

Lower moldings front screen beg.

Upper moldings fender blanks

All four front fender moldings top refurbished van Buren Australia

Firedome lyrics

Mirrors, accessories

Hubcaps beg.

Shop Manual beg.

Engine master kit with pistons, rocker arms, camshaft etc

Gearbox master kit with both bands

Front carriage kit

Krängn.inhibits rubber kit complete

Draw link

Idler arm bushing

Brake master kit with spring kit

Hood+tailgate bumper kit

Tailgate seal

Charging regulator alternating current

Signal horn l+h

Engine pads 2+1

Fuel tank sender

Choke actuator

Carburetor 361 2-p Stromberg rebuilt

Servo pump 1733496 1957 beg.

Powered. Hi with cables and coil

Vinyl white, light blue, blue all 4 rlm

Floor mat compartment and trunk blue 4 rlm

Insulation felt 8mm under floor mat

Bushings for rear leaf spring hangers

Rubber flaps for the firewall

All wheel bearings with steps

Rear axle lump seal and repair sleeve

Pinyon stefa

Universal joint 1957 model with ears on the cups

Shock absorber 4 pcs

Sill plates B-body new

Belt line whiskers

Pulley v-pump and crankshaft

Repair kit servo pump

Brake pipe kit

Washer bag kit

Gas tank

Lantern inserts 4 halogen

Spark plugs 8 pcs

Drilling cylinder block washing and mounting connecting rods and cam bearings Isokangas 935e

Tire 215-14 277e

Water pump

Heat sensor

Pulley for servo pump

Front turn signals

Rope kit for water valve

Speedo gear

Speedo cable

1958 exhaust chrome

License plate lighting

Air purifier

Hood ornament

Headlight bezel chrome

Electric antennas 2 model accessories

Rear auxiliary springs

2” rear lowering kit

Chrome job Osinski, all bumper parts plus extra rear exhaust, taillights and more

Inside = 4050 e.

Interior invoice Paula 2080e (incl. the light green vinyl)

Spacers between leaf springs

New fuel pipe copper 8 mm

New impact rubbers front and rear trailer 6 pcs

Decal set complete

Horn relay

Starter relay

Brake switch

Horn low+hi

Insulation inside roof, self-adhesive plates

Spare tire 215/75-14

Complete exhaust system Martelius, double 2 inch

Left torsion bar HD white marked

Intermediate shaft for cardan 70e used

Rope set for the servo worm, 2 pcs

Radio, CD

Alternating current generator 60 A

Petrol hose, hydraulic hoses for servo pump, oil hose for radiator,

Heating battery hoses.

Roof rail seals Mustang 65

Door seals moped 57-59

Used door latch v+h 60e

Used door strikers v+h

Steering servo pressure hose Gates 352700 50e

Charge controller VR-101

Steering servo unit 1822 734 , 200e rebuilt. The old one is damaged in the cylinder, leaking inside.


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NOTE: The vehicle is located approximately 80 kilometers north of Umeå.

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