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Property with hotel and hostel facility,

  • 579207
  • 46450 Dals Rostock
  • Sweden
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Address Kroppefjäll 2 m. fl., Dals Rostock
Square meters TOTAL BYGGNADSAREA 5 921 m²
Building year Huvudbyggnad Byggnadsår 1870, 1900, 1940 , Byggnadsår har ej med säkerhet kunnat fastställas.
Lot size (m2) TOTAL MARKAREA 95 171 m²
Rooms 22 byggnader varav hotell, vandrarhem och åretrunt bostäder
HVAC Municipal
Heating District heating

The paradise of possibilities

Dals Rostock is one of Sweden's oldest health resorts . Here people have pilgrimage to, among other things, drink of the health-promoting water and enjoy the healing powers of nature!

Now we sell the famous Kroppefjäll hotel and spa, with newly renovated and complete hotel. Around 30 newly furnished double rooms + a few suites / family rooms. There is a complete restaurant with pub section and own bathing area with an implanted rainbow. In 2004-2006 about 20 million were added to the restoration . After 2011, further investments have been made on 5,759,759 in the hotel renovated with 3 large complete conference rooms and much more. Today, part of the property's apartments and houses are rented all year round.

Property with hotel and hostel facility and own bathing area, dating back to the beginning of the 20th century.

The property consists of 22 buildings of varying sizes and uses.

THE PROPERTY BODY BED 2: 5 ADDRESS Kroppefjäll Kroppefjäll 2 m., Dals Rostock

TYPE Commercial Property TYPE CODE 220, 325
BUILDING 1870, 1900, 1940 OWNERSHIP Friköpt - Commercial property


Property Designation BODY FILE 2: 5 Type Code (LMV) 220, 325 Ownership Form / Type Friköpt - Commercial Property

Address Kroppefjäll Kroppefjäll 2 m. 46450 Dals Rostock

Plan regulations Overview plan. New plan is out for consultation. The plan is expected to be adopted in the autumn of 2019.

Total Building Area 5 921 m² Total Land Area 95 171 m² Municipal water / sewage all year round.

Pop. mortgage bond Total SEK 7,350,000
Valuation value (Valuation year 1929, Tax year 2016)
- Mark SEK 1,074,000
- Building 5 447 000 SEK
Total SEK 6 521 000

Building description Summary The property has a total area of 95 171 sqm, of which land area 83 653 sqm and water area 11 518 sqm. There are a total of 22 buildings on the property. Most of the buildings were built in the early 1900s. Exact building year has not been possible to determine on most buildings. The buildings are not measured by the seller / broker. We have chosen to use the BTA area from previously completed analysis of the properties. The property's total BTA amounts to 5,921 square meters. A summary of the distribution per building is available.
Main building Year of construction 1870, 1900, 1940, Year of construction has not been established with certainty. Area - Water 11 518 m² - Plot area 750 m² - Plot area 750 m² - Plot area 750 m² - Living area 52 m² - Living area 52 m² - Living area 52 m² Heating District heating Status Energy cover. Executed Inspected 2009-10-09

Finance Current rental income SEK 671,374, see attached rental summary. Costs for electricity and district heating (SEK 2018,751,986, see attached summary.

Investment in the property
2011 Floor conference SEK 39 596 Tak hotel 326 499 kr New building 139 000 kr
2013 Renovation house 2, 861 865 kr
2014 Renovation house 7, 65 398 kr
2015 Renovation bathroom, house 15 Fire breaks New roof barn New playground 896 362 SEK
2016 Facade change and painting house New shower room house 10, 930 266 SEK
2017 New outdoor terrace house 11 Floor changing restaurant house 11 New window house 11, cellar window Roof museum 315 SEK 218
2018 Renovation hotel & house 5, 1 642 060 SEK Equipment hotel 543 495 SEK Total investments 5 759 759 SEK
* clarification of costs incurred is available on request. * Total investments for the period 2011 - 2018.

Surroundings History

The activity at Kroppefjäll began in the early 1900s. Most of the buildings were constructed during this time. At that time, the buildings were used for the treatment of patients with tuberculosis. Kroppefjäll's sanatorium was active for almost 50 years, and cared for as much as 200 patients a year. When the need for care for tuberculosis disease subsided, the county council decided to close down. In the middle of May 1960, the last patient left the hospital.
The hospital changed its name to Kroppefjällshemmet, which used the property for education and work homes for people with disabilities. Several buildings were demolished during this period, and replaced by others, among others. for retirement homes. Kroppefjällshemmet closed in 1991 and all persons moved to individual accommodation. The same year, the property was sold to Mellerud municipality. The property has been used for both refugee accommodation and hostel / tourist facilities in subsequent years.
The current property owner acquired the property on 1 April 2011 and operates Kroppefjäll Bed & Breakfast. The business uses a number of buildings, but there are also tenants and associations on the tenant list.


The property needs to be experienced to understand which unique property is now being sold.

The property is located at the major hotel sites such as,, with very good ratings and customer reviews see link. Room 0 adults = 2 & rateplanid = 292054691 & mPB = 106.61 & mpa = 888.39 & rffrid = mdp.hcom.SE.011.387.02.42.kwrd = 26c765e7-7b86-4697-b3b4-542b4a36aa0d.wapa 827222080.trv_lp = = = a.itt first los = 1.losb = 1.ttt = 5.tttb = = a & wapa4 = 827222080 & PSRC = TR01 & trv_curr = kr & trv_dp = 994 & trv_ttt = 5 & trv_tttb = 5 & trv_los = 1 & trv_losb = 1

Is it also possible to acquire to Aktiebolaget by agreement.

The property is sold in the condition it is in at the auction.

View of the property June 17 between kl. 12:00 - 14.00 registration is done at


Byggnadsinformation Fastighetsutdrag_Kroppefjäll_2.5 (2) Tomtkarta med husnummer Fjärrvärmekostnader Hyresintäkter och kostnader 2016 2017 2018 Hyresintäkter
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